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  • Obviously this site has gone to the dogs and the kitty cats. It first started to be a site about New York City and all the fun things but since my animals have been having problems, I started doing nonstop research to help them. My biggest shock was how many alternative remedies there are for health conditions and to promote good health inspite of ourselves..Egads how many knew that watercress is high in calcium? That cinnamon is good for diabetes II? How many of us knew that CLA found in meat might help prevent mammary tumors? What about arnica for pain? Calendula for irritations? What about oatmeal for lowering bad cholestrol? Cranberries for helping urinary infections? A simple flower dilution-Rescue Remedy for calming us and our furballs down? Please explore the site-especially under pethealth -not just for the two legged best friends in the world and nontoxic cleaning tips-you too might wind up drinking ginger tea for colds-taking flaxseed oil etc..not just for pets
    In all seriousness, I have spent hours of hours looking through PUBMED to see if there what actual research abstract studies have found on difficult health conditions and on alternative supplements such as melatonin ,aloe vera, propolis, bromelain, or flaxseed to name a few.
    Then there are products on the market that can really help with difficult situations. There is a product called Feliway. It can really help calm down most kitty cats and alleviate stressful situations such as going to the vets, grooming, bringing a new cat into the household, moving etc. There is a tooth gel MaxiGuard with zinc that may help gum problems in cats. SAMe non prescription but great for the liver, joints and depression. Taurine, even great for dogs with heart conditions. Some of these are for humanoids also:-)
    You might also want to check out my george foreman grill recipes. I am continually adding to them and to nutritional information on the side. I have grown to love millet,great for sensitive stomachs..and am in process of figuring out recipes for amaranth for instance.. gluten free grains that have most if not all of the amino acids:-)

    Who would have thought that tart cherry may be 10 times more powerful painkiller than aspirin? Who would have though that brushing your teeth with black walnut might fight plaque and help restore tooth enamel(if it really does contain natural flouride
    ps if you think eating an apple a day is old wives tale read Click


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